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The south western quarter of Chalk Parish bounded by the Rochester Road "A226 to the North" and Thong Lane to the East" has been covered by urban developments which began after Chalk was annexed by the former borough of Gravesend in 1935.

West Court Estate: this is built on land that once was farmed by West Court Manor and includes roads such as Brown Road, Jubilee Crescent, Hampton Crescent and West Court School. This was then extended in the 1950's and 60's by roads such as Cruden Road, Medhurst Crescent and Freeman Road. In 1955 St. Aidan's Parish hall was built by Chalk church to serve the increasing population of this area of Chalk, with St. Aidan's church itself being completed in the early 1960s.

Riverview Park: all of Riverview Park except for the roads in Shorne West are in the ancient Parish of Chalk. Originally a small wood known as West Wood occupied part of the site as did the Manor of Raynehurst and from 1932 until 1958 the so called "Gravesend" Airport (the airport was actually situated in Chalk Parish). In the late 1950's the Riverview housing estate was built on the site of the airport with the Thong Lane Sports Centre opening across the road in Thong Lane in 1969, Thamesview School opened in 1968, Riverview Primary Schools were opened in 1963 and Raynehurst Primary School was opened in 1965 and changed its name to Raynehurst in 1968. The Southern Valley Golf Course is situated in Chalk Parish on the east side of Thong Lane. Riverview Park branch library was opened in 1964.

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