Welcome to Gravesham's virtual museum 'Discover Gravesham'. 

At the click of your mouse you will be able to glimpse the cultural, social and commercial heritage of Gravesend, Northfleet and the nearby villages.  It is often said that this or that town has plenty of history.  We all have the same amount but it is what has been preserved of that history that is important.  Gravesham does not boast a mighty castle or great cathedral but we do have an important archive of writings, drawings, photographs, collections of pottery and finds from very important archaeological sites. Some of these things have been displayed in the Gravesham Museum and others at the Chantry Heritage Centre.

Seven years ago, it became clear to the writer, that it would never be possible to show our entire collection to members of the public. Indeed following the massive excavations that preceded the realignment of the A2(M), the Eurostar Rail line and the building of Ebbsfleet International Station, a further massive collection of archaeological material was likely to come back to the borough. It seemed that the best way to make this and other collections available to everyone was to create a virtual gallery and museum. It was about four years ago that some initial research was undertaken and the Discover Gravesham domain name was purchased. However, other priorities did not allow the project to fully develop at that time.
It became clear, when the Gravesham Museum was closed in early 2008, that the ever-increasing stock of antiquities was getting less and less public exposure and once again the virtual net-based gallery was revived as a means of remedying that situation. With the full support of Cabinet Member, Councillor David Turner and Brian Tourle, Arts and Heritage Manager, the project had new life and money breathed into it. With our media partner High Profile Limited and their expertise we are now able to bring you this innovative way of seeing and exploring our town's history. I hope you enjoy the pages that follow.

Special thanks to The Gravesend Historical Society, particularly Sandra Soder and Victor Smith, The Gravesend Reference Library particularly Chris Bull and to the writers of books, new and old, to Tony Larkin for his wealth of knowledge, to Les Beven for being an early champion of the site and other contributors not mentioned by name. Without your researches, past and present, we would know very little about our fascinating history. 

Alan Ridgers.