A Virtual Museum - Your Town, the Borough and its History

Here is a list of contributors whom without, the website would not have been possible.


Tony-Larkin.jpg Tony Larkin
I was born in St. Mary's Hospital Paddington 25th February 1938, moved to Vauxhall. September 1941 moved to Ugbrooke Park, Chudleigh the home of Lord and Lady Clifford for the rest of the War period. 6th December 1945 moved to St. Mary's School, Milton next Gravesend. Since then he has continued to live in Milton. Tony has been a local collector for over 40 years.

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DougGrierson.jpg Douglas W. Grierson
Douglas Grierson was a local historian, funeral director and ex Metropolitan and Kent Police officer.
He was born in 1950 in Motherwell, Scotland and before settling down in Gravesend, lived in Egypt, Germany & Hong Kong.
An early childhood interest in keeping postcards of where he lived, matured into a large collection of ‘all things Gravesham’!
Douglas married Doreen Solomon, daughter of the late Lewis Solomon (Funeral Director in Gravesend). Sadly Douglas passed away in December 2010.

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Sid Whittaker
Sid was born in July 1926, and has lived all his life in Gravesend. Sid's brother Fred moved to Australia in 1952. His cines were taken in the early 60's to show his brother the changing face of the town.

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  Victor T. C. Smith
Victor is a prominent member of the Gravesend Historical Society and has written numerous books on the Thames Defence. References to his books can be found on the publications page.

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  Lynda Smith
Lynda is a member of the Gravesend Historical Society and has done extensive research and published a book on Rosherville Gardens, a reference to this book can be found on the publications page.

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christoph-bull.jpg Christoph Bull
A librarian, (District Manager of Gravesham Libraries) and a member of the Gravesend Historical Society, Chris has an extensive knowledge of Chalk village, Swanscombe and surrounding areas. He is well known for his talks, walks and guided tours. A reference to his book on Chalk and other subjects can be found on the publications page.

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Gravesham Borough Council

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Gravesend Historical Society
Has this site interested you in knowing more about the history of the area? Then why not join the Society. Membership to the Historical Society will be free up until April 1st 2009 for new members via this website. Please mention this website when joining.
Membership from April 1st 2009 for new members is £9.00.

Membership entitles you to free attendance to all Winter illustrated talks. Involvement in the Summer programme and footpath walks and also a members copy of our annual booklet 'Historic Gravesham'.

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  Gravesend Library
Gravesend Library has an extensive Local History Collection which holds a copy of virtually every reference work for the local area, as well as photographs, newspapers, folders of ephemera, censuses, parish records, council minutes, local club newsletters, parish magazines, architectural drawings and maps.

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High Profile Limited
High Profile are the company who built this website. Their extensive local knowledge and local resources have been invaluable in the construction of this website. Their assistance extended to employing and working with a team of volunteers who included Alan Ridgers (past secretary and past president of GHS), Les Beven and Shirley Watmough. Their efforts working closely with Gravesend Historical Society has helped underpin this website with a wealth of historical information.

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Alan Bruce
Alan Bruce was an excellent camera man and narrator and produced an excellent cine with sound titled 'A day at Sea' back in 1960, he was also a keen steam ferry enthusiast. Contact was made with Alan a number of years ago about using his footage for a DVD on Gravesham which he kindly gave his permission. The DVD project developed into this website where now everyone can see his spendid cines on Gravesend Ferries. All attempts to contact Alan have failed so if anyone knows his whereabouts we would like to contact him. You can view his work on the Cine Film collections page.

John H. Oneill and Elsie May Deakin John H. O'Neill
Born in Catford 1894 and survived two world wars. He married a local girl Elsie May Deakin from Perry Street who's family were the local bakers in Perry Street and The Shore, Northfleet.  He lived in Vale Road from 1945 until he died in 1973.

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