A Virtual Museum - Your Town, the Borough and its History
Cine film footage and narration courtesy of Sid Whittaker.

Sid was born in July 1926, and has lived all his life in Gravesend. Sid's brother Fred moved to Australia in 1952. These cines' were taken in the early 60's to show his brother the changing face of the town.
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coop-sports-field.jpg gravesend-town-centre-thumb.jpg winchester-crescent-thumb.jpg
Co-Op Sports Field Gravesend Town Centre Winchester Crescent
shorne-orchard-thumb.jpg higham-to-gravesend-thumb.jpg st-patricks-gardens-thumb.jpg
Shorne Orchard Higham to Gravesend St Patrick's Gardens
valley-drive-thumb.jpg whitehill-school-thumb.jpg swanscombe-cutting-thumb.jpg
Valley Drive Whitehill School Sports Day Swanscombe Cutting
swimming-pool-thumb.jpg river-thames-thumb.jpg cobham-school-fete-thumb.jpg
Open Air Swimming Pool The River Cobham School
Summer Fete