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Full glossary of architectural terms used in this section of the website in alphabetical order.
  • Arts and Crafts Style
    An architectural movement (1860-1925) which, in the face of the grim industrialisation of the 19th Century, sought to create new and more beautiful environments in which people could live and delight in fine craftsmanship wrought with intrinsically attractive building materials. William Morris is closely associated with the movement.

  • Cornice
    Moulding at the top of an outside wall, overhanging it to throw the drips away from the wall.

  • Colonnade
    A row of columns.

  • Mathematical tiles
    Clay tiles applied to a timberframed building to mimic brickwork.

  • Quoin
    From the French ‘coin’ (corner). The dressed stones or projecting brickwork at the corners of buildings, usually laid so that their faces are alternately large and small.

  • String course
    A continuous projecting horizontal band set in the surface of an exterior wall and usually moulded.

  • Stucco
    Plasterwork. By the 19th Century, the term used for exterior rendering.